Strings Attached! 

The newchoir Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses are raising money to engage string players and arrangers for our June 3 concert at Koerner Hall.   We already have our hot newchoir band, but what concert isn't improved by a string section?  

You can support their efforts by donating to their specific campaigns.  The Sopranos are funding the violinist, the Altos, the viola player and the Tenors and Basses, the cello.   

Bring orchestral bling to newchoir's June concert by supporting their Strings Attached Campaign! Tweet this.

Soprano Donation goal

Collected: $1,407.00
Goal: $1,000.00
The newchoir Sopranos are raising $1000 to engage a violinist and prepare violin arrangements for our UrocK concert at Koerner Hall on June 3. They are doing so by making charitable donations and soliciting them!

Alto Donation goal

Collected: $2,621.80
Goal: $1,000.00
If you'd like to contribute with a donation to support our goal of raising $1000 to engage a violist and prepare the arrangements, that would be greatly appreciated by our newchoir altos!

Tenor and Bass Donation goal

Collected: $537.00
Goal: $1,000.00
The tenors and basses raised $350 dollars with a book sale . They will be holding a 50/50 draw at a choir rehearsal. Any donations to our fund to engage a cellist, would be greatly appreciated by our cellist!
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